Body & Mind – How your body impacts your mental performance

By Declan Noone   Recently, I realised that I have been taking something for granted that affects my and all our minds: my body. As a military officer, I have been very fortunate over the course of my professional career to have been subjected to testing conditions in training scenarios and operational environments which continuously…

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Military style strategic decision making for positive leaders

By Declan Noone   Over 20 years of serving as an officer in the Irish Defence Forces has thought me the importance of developing a deliberate strategic decision making process. Of course, the time available dictates the extent of your analysis before you decide and execute the plan. In the military, they teach us a…

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Investing in positivity pays the highest dividend

We speak to Pablo Diaz Megias, Country Head for UBS Spain, about his own leadership journey and his experience of introducing the concepts of positive psychology, behavioural science and mindfulness in his organisation. He provides insights into what he has found rewarding and effective, and what has proved challenging. He is a strong advocate of…

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A neuroscientific view of mindfulness

By Dr Tamara Russell   Introduction and Outline There has been a great deal of interest in the application of mindfulness at work. Numerous books, apps, and courses have entered the business sphere, based on the assumption that mindfulness is a helpful skill to develop. What is so special about an awareness that is present,…

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Real diversity is about bringing together people with different world views

By Santiago Iniguez, President IE University   “We can’t innovate without being diverse and inclusive”,[i] explained Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Worldwide Human Resources president, when the company announced it was to invest $50 million in not-for-profit organizations that promote the integration of women, minorities and older people into the technology sector. The news came out…

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Diversity: don’t play the game, change the game

By Suki Sandhu, CEO & Founder, OUTstanding   You hear the word everywhere. But what does it mean? And why are we all talking about it? Let’s look at a few facts: 14% of the working age population is from a BAME background, yet only 8% of all directors are BAME.1 Women represent 50% of…

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Innovative mindfulness tools for mindful leadership

By Dana Zelicha, CEO, OWBA – The Wellbeing Agency In 2010, if you had asked me where I envisioned myself seven years down the road, the words ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation’ would not have been part of the conversation. Working for large companies like Red Bull and Philip Morris International, I was a cog in the…

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From paper to people

By Declan Noone   As an advocate of positive and mindful leadership, I see with 100% clarity the importance of building a diverse team and organisation from a creative, innovative, productive and performance perspective. In fact, in a piece I wrote called ‘A positive leader is a pragmatic leader’, two of the three things you…

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Knowing: Doing: Being

An evolving leadership development journey By Declan Noone   A recent article by Eric Garton in the Harvard Business Review ‘What if companies managed people as carefully as they manage money?’ kicked off a chain reaction in my thinking. To achieve what he proposes is not merely about putting the right processes in place, or…

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HARD data and SOFT skills development: Avoiding paralysis through over-analysis

By Declan Noone   HR Analytics is providing a wonderful array of data for businesses on their people from recruitment, to retention, and learning and development. This data can provide important insights to key decision makers and help shape the direction of our soft skills development. Certainly, the data provided can be incredibly useful in…

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