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Hit the ground running

The need for developing new on-boarding strategies for Millennial Leaders. By Armin Forstner   More and more organisations are hiring and promoting Millennials (Generation Y), those born after 1980, into leadership positions. This generation has a whole new set of expectations both from their leaders and for themselves as leaders. Leadership requirements have evolved from:…

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Body & Mind – How your body impacts your mental performance

By Declan Noone   Recently, I realised that I have been taking something for granted that affects my and all our minds: my body. As a military officer, I have been very fortunate over the course of my professional career to have been subjected to testing conditions in training scenarios and operational environments which continuously…

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Nudge it along!!

Embedding new practices in a team or organisation By Declan Noone, Partner at Serrano 99   Last year I hacked my own resolution failures and finally registered a success. Previously, I would have buried my resolution within a few weeks of starting. I was easily in the same category as the reported 80% of Americans…

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5 steps to highly effective task enabling

Task enabling: a simple skill, we all use it on a countless number of occasions throughout the day. Despite that, it may also be our largest blind spot and hindering performance levels. What am I taking about? Well, how we assign/delegate tasks to subordinates and peers. We do it every day and still get things…

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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him.”

This Lincoln adage adroitly captures, both as a man and a leader, his conscious awareness of how jumping to a quick judgement may preclude him from considering advice or expertise offered by that individual in the future. Lincolns’ war time cabinet was a reflection of his own personal strength of character and capacity to bring…

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The most impactful minute of your day: the mindful minute

When you had started your day, your mind was clear. Like a painters’ palette before the first brush stroke, it was clean with the everything in its place and nicely segmented. Then you go through the morning routine of getting kids ready for school, skipping breakfast, grabbing a coffee on the go, sitting in the…

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