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Hit the ground running

The need for developing new on-boarding strategies for Millennial Leaders. By Armin Forstner   More and more organisations are hiring and promoting Millennials (Generation Y), those born after 1980, into leadership positions. This generation has a whole new set of expectations both from their leaders and for themselves as leaders. Leadership requirements have evolved from:…

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Postcard magic

Positive intervention effectiveness tested in a pilot project to help save Californian water. by Ron Duncan   In the previous edition, we talked about the design and implementation of a habit hacking project to help Californians save water. What we were missing were the results of this experiment. The results are now in, and we…

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Drop by drop

How communal habit hacking continues to save Californian water When there is a drought, everyone saves water and this is great! It is not different for the Californians living in the Soquel Greek Water District near San Francisco, what is different for them, even when the rain starts to fall is that they will continue…

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