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A neuroscientific view of mindfulness

By Dr Tamara Russell   Introduction and Outline There has been a great deal of interest in the application of mindfulness at work. Numerous books, apps, and courses have entered the business sphere, based on the assumption that mindfulness is a helpful skill to develop. What is so special about an awareness that is present,…

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Innovative mindfulness tools for mindful leadership

By Dana Zelicha, CEO, OWBA – The Wellbeing Agency In 2010, if you had asked me where I envisioned myself seven years down the road, the words ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation’ would not have been part of the conversation. Working for large companies like Red Bull and Philip Morris International, I was a cog in the…

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The creator of positive value

We speak with pioneer in the corporate application of positive psychology and mindfulness, Dr Juan Humberto Young, Academic Director and Professor at the Executive Master of Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE University, Madrid, and author of Mindfulness Based Strategic Awareness Training about his definition of positive leadership and his Mindfulness training protocol.   Interview…

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How to lead Mindful Change

We were about to do something we had never done before. I invited the group of leaders – 36 top executives from RWE, a 100-year-old energy company with 65,000 employees — to stand and walk slowly in silence through a physical map of their organisation and its dramatically changing context. There was a lot at…

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Developing Mindful Leadership: A Reality Check

The context in which leaders need to operate has changed significantly since the turn of the century. Global challenges today include political and economic instability, climate change, rapidly increasing globalisation, the proliferation of social media and the threat of terrorism in cyberspace as well as in our places of work and home. Conditions are described…

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Double exposure man reach the top of the mountain

Equinox impossible

A group of leaders gathered in London to discuss the practical application of positive psychology, behavioural science and mindfulness at the inaugural positive & mindful leader summit. On September 22nd at 2:21pm GMT, the first day of the positive & mindful leader summit in London, our planet reached the point of autumn equinox, the perfect…

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Minute by minute

Getting into the habit of mindfulness Mindfulness is the new buzzword for the 21st century manager, alongside positivity and employee wellbeing. It has become a popular topic in corridor discussions as well as board rooms. It is mainstream now, and not just a strange airy-fairy thing that monks do. For most of us, busy executives,…

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5 steps to highly effective task enabling

Task enabling: a simple skill, we all use it on a countless number of occasions throughout the day. Despite that, it may also be our largest blind spot and hindering performance levels. What am I taking about? Well, how we assign/delegate tasks to subordinates and peers. We do it every day and still get things…

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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him.”

This Lincoln adage adroitly captures, both as a man and a leader, his conscious awareness of how jumping to a quick judgement may preclude him from considering advice or expertise offered by that individual in the future. Lincolns’ war time cabinet was a reflection of his own personal strength of character and capacity to bring…

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The most impactful minute of your day: the mindful minute

When you had started your day, your mind was clear. Like a painters’ palette before the first brush stroke, it was clean with the everything in its place and nicely segmented. Then you go through the morning routine of getting kids ready for school, skipping breakfast, grabbing a coffee on the go, sitting in the…

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