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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him.”

This Lincoln adage adroitly captures, both as a man and a leader, his conscious awareness of how jumping to a quick judgement may preclude him from considering advice or expertise offered by that individual in the future. Lincolns’ war time cabinet was a reflection of his own personal strength of character and capacity to bring…

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The most impactful minute of your day: the mindful minute

When you had started your day, your mind was clear. Like a painters’ palette before the first brush stroke, it was clean with the everything in its place and nicely segmented. Then you go through the morning routine of getting kids ready for school, skipping breakfast, grabbing a coffee on the go, sitting in the…

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Mindful leaders create value

A conversation with Michael Chaskalson, author of “The Mindful Workplace” and adjunct professor at IE Business School on how leaders practicing mindfulness creates value.   WHAT MADE YOU START PRACTICING MINDFULNESS IN THE FIRST PLACE? WHAT WAS THE TRIGGER? I was just finishing studying for my undergraduate philosophy degree in 1974 and feeling very unsatisfied with the answers I was getting from…

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The positive & mindful leader

Calm in the middle of a paradigm shift   Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), are ever present in our world, both as business leaders and in our personal lives.   The rate of change experienced globally as a result of: advances in technology and science, alterations in political systems and structures, evolving domestic and international security environments, and in the…

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