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Hit the ground running

The need for developing new on-boarding strategies for Millennial Leaders. By Armin Forstner   More and more organisations are hiring and promoting Millennials (Generation Y), those born after 1980, into leadership positions. This generation has a whole new set of expectations both from their leaders and for themselves as leaders. Leadership requirements have evolved from:…

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Mentoring – Giving and receiving know-how in a positive organisation

By Declan Noone   I recently attended an event where I met many former colleagues from my time as a military officer. Over the course of conversing and reconnecting with them I began to realise the impact some of them had on my professional development as a leader. These individuals had in fact been mentors…

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Investing in positivity pays the highest dividend

We speak to Pablo Diaz Megias, Country Head for UBS Spain, about his own leadership journey and his experience of introducing the concepts of positive psychology, behavioural science and mindfulness in his organisation. He provides insights into what he has found rewarding and effective, and what has proved challenging. He is a strong advocate of…

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From paper to people

By Declan Noone   As an advocate of positive and mindful leadership, I see with 100% clarity the importance of building a diverse team and organisation from a creative, innovative, productive and performance perspective. In fact, in a piece I wrote called ‘A positive leader is a pragmatic leader’, two of the three things you…

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How to lead Mindful Change

We were about to do something we had never done before. I invited the group of leaders – 36 top executives from RWE, a 100-year-old energy company with 65,000 employees — to stand and walk slowly in silence through a physical map of their organisation and its dramatically changing context. There was a lot at…

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