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5 steps to highly effective task enabling

Task enabling: a simple skill, we all use it on a countless number of occasions throughout the day. Despite that, it may also be our largest blind spot and hindering performance levels. What am I taking about? Well, how we assign/delegate tasks to subordinates and peers. We do it every day and still get things…

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“I don’t like that man. I must get to know him.”

This Lincoln adage adroitly captures, both as a man and a leader, his conscious awareness of how jumping to a quick judgement may preclude him from considering advice or expertise offered by that individual in the future. Lincolns’ war time cabinet was a reflection of his own personal strength of character and capacity to bring…

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#BREXIT: A time for Positive Leadership Commentary by Declan Noone The declared results of the 23rd of June Referendum in the United Kingdom tell us that Britain has voted to leave the European Union after over 4 decades of membership. Following quite a divisive campaign, the implications of this decision both within the United Kingdom…

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flippin’ it

How a positive and strength based start makes all the difference. Commentary by Armin Forstner As managers and leaders we have all experienced this situation: You walk into the meeting room and even before you sit down your team starts with their problems, frustrations and all those things that are not working at the moment…

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The positive & mindful leader

Calm in the middle of a paradigm shift   Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA), are ever present in our world, both as business leaders and in our personal lives.   The rate of change experienced globally as a result of: advances in technology and science, alterations in political systems and structures, evolving domestic and international security environments, and in the…

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