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Investing in positivity pays the highest dividend

We speak to Pablo Diaz Megias, Country Head for UBS Spain, about his own leadership journey and his experience of introducing the concepts of positive psychology, behavioural science and mindfulness in his organisation. He provides insights into what he has found rewarding and effective, and what has proved challenging. He is a strong advocate of…

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A neuroscientific view of mindfulness

By Dr Tamara Russell   Introduction and Outline There has been a great deal of interest in the application of mindfulness at work. Numerous books, apps, and courses have entered the business sphere, based on the assumption that mindfulness is a helpful skill to develop. What is so special about an awareness that is present,…

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Real diversity is about bringing together people with different world views

By Santiago Iniguez, President IE University   “We can’t innovate without being diverse and inclusive”,[i] explained Denise Young Smith, Apple’s Worldwide Human Resources president, when the company announced it was to invest $50 million in not-for-profit organizations that promote the integration of women, minorities and older people into the technology sector. The news came out…

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Diversity: don’t play the game, change the game

By Suki Sandhu, CEO & Founder, OUTstanding   You hear the word everywhere. But what does it mean? And why are we all talking about it? Let’s look at a few facts: 14% of the working age population is from a BAME background, yet only 8% of all directors are BAME.1 Women represent 50% of…

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Innovative mindfulness tools for mindful leadership

By Dana Zelicha, CEO, OWBA – The Wellbeing Agency In 2010, if you had asked me where I envisioned myself seven years down the road, the words ‘mindfulness’ or ‘meditation’ would not have been part of the conversation. Working for large companies like Red Bull and Philip Morris International, I was a cog in the…

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The creator of positive value

We speak with pioneer in the corporate application of positive psychology and mindfulness, Dr Juan Humberto Young, Academic Director and Professor at the Executive Master of Positive Leadership and Strategy at IE University, Madrid, and author of Mindfulness Based Strategic Awareness Training about his definition of positive leadership and his Mindfulness training protocol.   Interview…

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From average to outstanding

Using positive psychology to reach your maximum potential   When I first inherited the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) division at Microsoft, it was an average ’so-so’ team in terms of its performance ratings. We overhauled our approach using a combination of strengths-based leadership and positive psychology, and within just a few short years we…

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How to lead Mindful Change

We were about to do something we had never done before. I invited the group of leaders – 36 top executives from RWE, a 100-year-old energy company with 65,000 employees — to stand and walk slowly in silence through a physical map of their organisation and its dramatically changing context. There was a lot at…

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Developing Mindful Leadership: A Reality Check

The context in which leaders need to operate has changed significantly since the turn of the century. Global challenges today include political and economic instability, climate change, rapidly increasing globalisation, the proliferation of social media and the threat of terrorism in cyberspace as well as in our places of work and home. Conditions are described…

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Human strengths at work

We ask Dr Tayyab Rashid, clinical psychologist and researcher,  about the role of strengths in our lives, what the strengths-based approach means in a corporate context, and how leaders can apply it to build better performing and more resilient teams.   Strengths-based frameworks and theories are gaining popularity both in clinical settings as well in corporate organisations.…

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