Equinox impossible

A group of leaders gathered in London to discuss the practical application of positive psychology, behavioural science and mindfulness at the inaugural positive & mindful leader summit.

On September 22nd at 2:21pm GMT, the first day of the positive & mindful leader summit in London, our planet reached the point of autumn equinox, the perfect balance between day and night, on our annual seemingly unchanging journey around the sun.  This gives me great comfort and certainty. A steady spin and orbit. Day in day out, year on year. But actually, it is not like this. A cosmologist will tell us the planet wobbles, which has massive effects on our climate from hot periods to ice ages and on top of it days are getting longer, because our planet’s rotation is slowing down. So, you will say ‘no worries, this happens slowly, we will adapt …’


Agreed, we certainly will adapt, because what seems quick changes for our planet means generations for us. You might be thinking, am I still reading the right article? And yes, you are; this is a report about a conference on positive leadership and mindfulness. Like our seemingly stable planet we hope for stable relationships, teams, business models, revenue streams, economic growth but reality is not like that.


Change is the constant in our lives and especially in the world we are living in right now. It is a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – the so called VUCA world.


So, as a leader in this VUCA world, what skills do you need to be able to adapt quickly, be resilient, have an awareness of opportunities?


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Posted on December 6, 2016 in Mindfulness, Positive Leadership, Positive Mindful Leader

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