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Getting into the habit of mindfulness

Mindfulness is the new buzzword for the 21st century manager, alongside positivity and employee wellbeing. It has become a popular topic in corridor discussions as well as board rooms. It is mainstream now, and not just a strange airy-fairy thing that monks do. For most of us, busy executives, there are countless proven benefits of practicing mindfulness, such as better focus, efficiency and effectiveness, resilience, and productivity. And yet, most of the time, after an enthusiastic start, we quit.


Is it really so difficult to practice mindfulness and ‘get it right’, or do we just not think we can afford the time and effort it requires? Well, it all depends. First and above all, let’s establish what mindfulness is and how one should practice it.


Learn more about your daily mindfulness routine and read the full article.

Posted on December 6, 2016 in Insights, Mindfulness, Positive Mindful Leader

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